Medical Records Requests

Effective July 1, 2021 we have retained Cariend, a medical records custodian, to store and manage the records for the next 5 years. Cariend is not a medical provider and does not handle billing or referrals for the closed practice.

Requestors should be prepared to complete the Records Release Authorization Form and provide a copy of government issued identification, as required by the HIPAA laws. The fastest way to process requests for copies of medical records is to visit Cariend’s website and submit your contact information at the link below – you will then be sent an email with instructions to securely upload your authorization form and ID:

Cariend support can be reached by phone at 404-991-7080.

If you prefer to mail your documents: Cariend ROI

PO Box 1866

Thomasville, GA 31799-1866

If you have questions about the process, Cariend can also be contacted via email at ho ever, you should not send sensitive personal information or request documents through email.